Postcards from North Korea

March 6th, 2015

I just spent a week in North Korea, which was bonkers. Completely, absolutely bonkers. Here are a few images from the trip.

Selections from North Korea

March 5th, 2015

I took more than 2000 photos in North Korea…here are a few pulled from the archives.

Back in Beijing

March 5th, 2015

I’ve spent a lot of time in Beijing. I was a Mandarin language student at Tsinghua University and have been back many, many times since then. Here are a few snapshots from my last visit…

Hanging Out in Hanoi

March 5th, 2015

Continuing my quest to see every embalmed Communist dictator of the twentieth century, my travels brought me to see Hồ Chí Minh in Hanoi. Here are some snapshots from the trip…

Tokyo Handbook

July 19th, 2014

Tokyo is one of my favorite cities. And, from time to time, people who are heading over there ask me where I like to go, eat, and shop. Here’s an abbreviated list of the places I always hit every time I’m in town.

This list is current as of my last visit, which was September 2013.


Century Southern Tower. (Bare bones, but great location, price.)

Tokyo Rail Map
superfuture Guide


New York Bar at the Park Hyatt
Tender Bar

Jus de Pesch

Isetan Men (Best department store)
Lovelesss & Guild Prime
Uniqlo Flagship
White Mountaineering

Solakzade (Vintage Eyewear)
CDG Good Design Shop
Lisn & Shoyeido (Incense)
Muji Flagship
Tokyu Hands (Shinjuku)
Porter (Bags)
Ranking Ranqueen
Tanagokoro (Charcoal)
Takashimaya Times Square

Two Rooms Bar
Din Tai Feng (Takashimaya Times Square)
Pierre Hermé

Credit cards aren’t as widely accepted as you’d think. And not every ATM accepts foreign cards to get cash.

Bring your passport with you and always ask if they have tax free shopping.

There’s very little free Wi-Fi (consider renting a hotspot).

That fish market? You can totally skip it.

Kabuki: Surprisingly worth it.

Sumo: Definitely worth it.

Bear Pond Espresso (Pop by if you’re in that neighborhood.)

Shiseido Parlour (The Japanese Ladies who Lunch)

Kaikado (Canisters)
Ichizawa Hanpu (Sailcloth Bags)


Pimm’s Winter

November 8th, 2013

Although virtually impossible to find in North America (Diageo simply refuses to make it available here), Pimm’s Winter is the seasonal cousin to the classic — and more well known — Pimm’s No. 1.

Unlike Pimm’s No. 1, which is based on gin, Pimm’s Winter (formerly known as Pimm’s No. 3) is based on brandy and is infused with a spicy, predominantly citrus blend of flavors. Served warm with apple juice, it’s just the thing to take the chill off a wintery day. My recipe:

» 1 parts Pimm’s Winter
» 3 parts clear apple juice (preferably fuji)

Heat gently until warm and garnish with slices of apples and oranges. Using the teapot with knit cozy is optional, but highly encouraged.

So where can you buy it? I get it online here and have it shipped.

Rush Hour in Pyongyang

October 7th, 2013

A view of rush hour traffic through the main square in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Song Credit: ” 내 나라의 푸른 하늘 (The Blue Sky of my Country)” by the North Korean Army. 

North Korea Fashion Week

September 13th, 2013

They may not have access to the latest looks from Paris (or fashion magazines, for that matter), but many of the women of Pyongyang do make an effort. Here are a few snapshots from a recent visit.

Hotel Nightstand in North Korea

September 13th, 2013

That sure is a lot of wires going into a nightstand for a definitely, absolutely, not-at-all bugged hotel room. In North Korea.

Song Credit: “미제가 덤벼들면 죽음을 주리 (Death to US-Imperialism)” by the North Korean Army. 

A Day in Doha

August 12th, 2013

I was flying Qatar Airways back to New York from Bangkok and decided to do an overnight in Doha, Qatar instead of simply changing planes. Here are a few snapshots from my brief stay.

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